Memorial Design

We understand that this may be a very difficult time for you and your family, so in a compassionate and no-pressure environment we offer a large selection of granite, carvings and fonts to help personalize the memorial of a loved one.

Cemetery Lettering

Once a monument has been set inside a cemetery you may need to add a name or date at a later time. We'll go to the cemetery to take rubbing impressions of the existing lettering on the memorial. From the rubbings we'll determine the exact typeface and letter size previously used so that any new lettering will appear seamless. All new lettering is done on-site in a professional and timely manner.

Monument Cleaning

If not properly maintained, your monument will become weathered from exposure to the outside elements. To help protect against this type of damage we recommend periodic cleanings.

Repair & Re-Setting

For a number of reasons a monument may become unbalanced. Our professional staff will repair memorials that need to be re-set, straightened, or re-leveled.